Sunday, October 21, 2007

This picture shows the outlook of my biology textbook. Topic of my biology book is Human Genetics. It is the seventh edition by Ricki Lewis. The cover of the book is a picture of three generations from a family. Human Genetics contains 6 main parts. They are introduction, transmission genetics, DNA and chromosomes, population genetics, immunity and cancer, and genetic technologies. Each part is developed into several chapters. Each chapter is composed of text, figures, tables, charts, examples, summaries, review questions, apply questions, and web activities. There are totally 470 pages in this book. The homework are to answer the review questions and applied questions. Those exercises could help me to understand the contents and concepts. The appendix lists all the answers for homework so that I could correct my own answers. Actually, my biology professor never assign any reading assignments, but if I want to do the review and applied questions, I have to read all of the text and figures.

So far, I have read five chapters of Human Genetics. It was really hard to me to understand the terms if I don’t use a biology dictionary. However, thing is always not too bad, the text is very clearly logistic so that I could get understanding finally. I am interested more and more by the textbook. When I flip it, I feel like I open a magic door towards a mysterious world. By reading this book, I know how my body works for me everyday, how I grew up from a cell to a person, and why I have a similar feature with my parents and my grand parents. I can so much as predict some feature of my offspring. The Human Genetics is such a interesting book that I like to read every chapters.

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Denise said...

It sounds like a difficult and interesting book. Do you like for the answers to be in the book so that you check it yourself?