Tuesday, October 9, 2007

*** Hand band ***

The item that is one of the most important things that I have and I can hold it in my hand is hand band which I had when I was born. This is just a little plastic but shows so much. My hand was like my one finger now. There is my number- 29 and that I’m daughter of Wanda Walat, my birth date and time when I was born. It was 11:45 a.m. Since that shinny, worm, day on the middle of the May, my Mom was holding this for me knowing that one day I will be grateful her for this. In our life, there are many small important things, like credit cards, keys, i-pods, phones, but this is just an item that it can be changed like a lock in the door. My hand band will never change; always will be the same with same feelings and emotions.


A-Ra said...

That's amazing that you still have that since you were born.

Denise said...

I love that you still have this! I have the ones for my sons framed and in their bedroom.