Monday, October 22, 2007


This text book is about business investments. I bought this book in beck's and paid 17o$ in this book.

Total amont of pages is P.837. I regurally could read 20 minutes for one page. There are so many terms that I have to find in my electronic dictionary. That is why it took so much time to read this books. However, if I use a dictionaly, I can read and understand what is written.

It has a lot of contant. It shows why people invest, what is the investment, how to invest, and so on. Those contain so practical examples and problems. This book is very useful for me, and through this book, I can learn much more about investment technically and specialy. Only thing that I don't like is that this book is too technical for me, so I have to study hardly before I attend the class.

Throght reading "Muscla Reading", I could understand more rapidly this text book. Before I read the whole containts, I read the summary parts of the chapter which is written in the end of the chapter. Actually it worked well. Before I start to read I can know that this chapter is about.

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Denise said...

Good for you Takana! Please, keep doing the muscle reading in your classes.