Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Martha's Image

This one of the most important things for me, because this remember my childhood. When I was a little child my mom gave this necklet to me as a present. In that moment she said me "This is especially for you, and it's your responsibility to keep it." This necklet before belong to my grandmother , and my grandmother gave to my mom, and now is mine.
This necklet is made of a material that's is not exactly gold, it never changes its texture and it's bright full.
This necklet contains an star with five dimensions and a mini portrait in a spheral shape, inside of that you can be placed any picture but the only thing, it must be very small in size to fit right into the oval.


stephanie said...

that is beatiful!!!

philip said...

since it was from your grandmother, you should keep it safe and sound.

Denise said...

Martha, that is lovely that it is passed down from generation to generation. When you have a daughter one day (if you do) maybe you will give it to her.