Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Alarm clock

So everyone knows what is alarm clock and how important is it. I know it sounds like funny topic. Even tough alarm clock is almost my half of life. If I do not have alarm clock I will exactly miss my class (I swear a god), and I cannot do anything because I sleeping too much. Therefore I can call my alarm like my saver.

---An alarm clock is designed to make an alert sound at a specific time.

The primary use of these clocks is to awaken people from their sleep in the mornings. Some people hate alarm clock’s sound. To stop the sound, a button or handle on the clock needs to be pressed. And some alarm clocks spot automatically after a few minutes if nobody attended. A classical analog alarm clock has an extra thing that is used to specify the time at which to activate the alarm.

Most alarm clocks have a bell on top that rings, but digital alarm clocks can make other sounds. Some alarm clock can sing laugh and speak. Also some alarm clocks have radios that start playing at specified times.


stephanie said...

It call you wake up everyday???

Denise said...

So now I can expect you to be on time to class?!