Tuesday, October 9, 2007


This rosary is very important to me. this is because I got it when I was ten years old. My grandmother gave it to me as a gift on my communion day. I always care it with me in my bog and I also pray with it every night be for I go to bed. In addtion it remmends me of my grandmother and how a wunderful and kind person she was. She passed away two years ago I missed her but she died in good age. I love to go to church and I go every Sunday. In a Catholic Church rosary is a very important symbol of our love for Holy Mary.


*Juan Carlos* said...

HI !!!

It is really nice to have something with us that has a special or sentimental value. I love rosaries not just because how they look,I love them because they mean a lot to me, I am a Catholic and love to pray the rosary. Also I have one that was given to me for a very special person. The rosary is 47 years old, and it is really pretty.

Denise said...

I have a similar rosary given to me by my grandmother. There is something so special and soothing about the beads even though I don't really pray the rosary much.