Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Calculus book

I have the Math 207 in this semester. So I bought this book for the class. The book named Thomas' Calculus. It's a very heavy book. It has 1228 pages ( not include the answer key and some formulas pages).There is a hard cover that covering this book. There are some formulas in side the very first page. And then, a following thing is Contents. There are sixteen chapters in this book but we only have to learn the first five chapters for Math 207. Each chapter separate into five to eight sections. Each chapter begins with a picture on the left hand corner. And then, a overview of a last chapter, then a section begins. The sections begin with some examples to show you how to solve the problems. There are some rules and formulas in most of the sections. There are a lot of exercises in each sections. Most of the images in this book are the graph of functions like hyperbolas parabolas. The assignments were already assigned on first day of the class. The instructor also put the assignments on Blackboard.

Reading this book is not so difficult but you have to remember the rules and formulas. I don't like this book because it is very heavy to bring it to school. I don't mean that I hate this book. I don't hate this book because I can learn many formulas and rules that I have never known before and I want to improve my math skill. We have done the first two chapters. The first chapter is not a difficult chapter but the second one becoming more challenge for me. However, I already have a strategy to overcome this chapter.

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Denise said...

Wei, you have a good understanding of the organization of your book, which will help you as you go through it. I never liked Calculus, but it seems like a subject that you are doing well in.