Sunday, October 21, 2007

Statistics book.

My green book is about elementary statistics which is written by Mario F. Triola. I liked to learn this and I also enjoyed reading this book. It is a 10th edition of the book with CD. It is really huge and heavy. This has 868 pages. Most of the books are about statistics. About this book’s whole idea is that it will give us descriptive statistics and inferential statistics information. As a result of I looked all book inside, it included 15 chapters. Every first part of each chapter had pictures that have meaning for each chapter. And every section under the chapters had problems to be able to solve. Those were like practice for every section. At the end of this book, it had samples that are already calculated. I can use that without any formula. There were diagrams, statistical pictures in the middle of every section that are required. Some colored letters helped to read and understand easily. Also there were some practical examples in our lives edges of papers.
I already have been studying this book. At the first time when I studied, I had hard time to read and study. Yet, if I did this activity before, it wasn’t like that hard to study. It was great activity for me. I have homework for solve the problems at the end of the sections. Even thought most of the homework is not reading, I need to read all of the chapters to do homework. I liked to learn so far, but only one bad thing about this book is just heavy.

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Denise said...

I had statistics once in college, and I also had a big heavy book like this one. I didn't like the class, but it seems like you are doing fine with yours.