Thursday, October 18, 2007

Math book!

This is book is for my math class. Its cover color is red. This book is as like as a rectangle. I think everyone can see the topic on the picture is College Algebra. The front cover that is very simple only have a topic , edition and author'a name. the back cover that is simple too. That only a few word at the bottom of the back but this book have a special place is have a parobola cover all over the book. It looks like a fuction that is match what we learn from this book. This book have two main point for every chapter. First is show the example and how can we soluction the answer and the second point is the exercise. we will do this exercise for our homework everyday. Teacher will give us what is the exercise number and we finish everyday when we have class. In the back of the book have answer key. when we do our homewok, we have someting unuderstand, we can check the answer in the back. I think the book has most image is the chart of function. That is the main chapter in this book.
I am very interested in this book. I like this book because this book's content is easy for me. This book total have seven chapter. The frist one to three chapter is talking about the equation. and the four to six is talking about the function, and the last chapter is system for the enquation and the inquation. when I did the homewoke, I think I only use half hour I can finish. that is different from the English class. I need to use a long time to do my essay. This is what I like the book but I don't like the book because it is very heavy. When I take this book is like take a stone. It almost twenty pounds. when I have math class , my shoulder also felt hard. I can learn someting I did not know from this book. Bofore I didn't know what is funcion but I got it know. This bool is very useful for me.

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Denise said...

Stephanie -- you wrote a very clear analysis of your book. I'm glad you posted first because it is a very clear example for others. It does look heavy! It seems like this book is organized in a way that makes it easy to learn.