Friday, October 19, 2007

"Cultural Anthropology"

"Cultural Anthropology" by Barbara Miller Fourth Edition and it has 512 pages in the book. This book is about What is Anthropology? Anthropology is the study of humanity includes prehistoric origins. The book also teach us about culture shock, religion, birth and death (like how other cultures perceive that or deal), communication, research about fieldwork's (is basically look for the background of certain communities like food, religion, traditions, ethnicity, etc). I think that from this class so far i had learn how we can manage and respect other cultures that are around us and is very interesting how people react to other cultures, one of the main issues in our society is discrimination and that we never respect others. In class we discuss a chapter and for home we have to read like 2 chapters and make sure we know the content because in class we have to participate with some questions that the teacher will ask about them. I think that this class is really going to help me in my reading and writing because is other vocabulary that we have to use and i am really learning and applying the words (try) in speech and writing so it can stick better and it really works. I learn in my reading book of English about how we can scan, read, identify, knowledge, main idea of a book and i did it and is very helpful just looking for important things in the book to see if it's useful or not. I think that my Anthropology book has lot of good information that i can use it for my basic life and needs.

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Denise said...

Tanya, I have always found anthropology so interesting, so I think your book looks great. I'm pleased that you are trying to use the words from that class in your speech and writing.