Tuesday, October 9, 2007

the Rings

The rings above were given to me late by someone as my birthday present. They are made of platinum, and there's a small diamond on it. I just received them a couple monthes age. That night, when I opened it, I couldn't say a word. I got a big shock just like I was hit by a lightning. My mind was empty. As I closed my eyes, I felt nothing. It was the heaviest gift I have ever had. They are a pair of rings, and she said she gave them both to me because she was not sure if the smaller one belonged to her. I felt so guilty at that time. I have done something wrong, at least the rings remind me. From now on, they will be very imprtant to me. They are priceless and precious to me. I will hold them in my hands tight forever because they were given by someone, who really care about me no matter if I love her or no.


A-Ra said...

You are confusing me, I already knew you are the Phillip that I knew before, but the picture that has your little and pretty finger's long nail showed that you are a woman, so at that moment I saw your picture it was confusing to tell you are Phillip that I already knew. Anyway, I envy you that you have heavy present that I won't have ever had. lol

Denise said...

Philip! Wow -- what an interesting story. So, are they from your girlfriend and did you then ask her to marry you?