Sunday, October 21, 2007

Chemistry textbook

The textbook I chose is chemistry book entitled Foundations of college Chemistry by Hein and Arena. The book is heavy and thick. It has a beautiful cover of penguins on ice. The book has a Long list of table of contents. Besides it has a lot of pictures and drawing of atoms elements and compounds. There are also pictures of chemists in the lab doing experimentations and researches. In addition the book has a clear pictures of periodic table of the elements. The book also contains self-testing questions at the end of each chapter. In my chemistry class we are normally assigned a chapter to read in advance and prepare for the class. I love my chemistry book. It is a book that contains important details of chemistry foundations. I found it very interesting and helpful in my studies. The book is not boring to read because it has colorful pictures of the elements.

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Denise said...

I really like the cover of your book. It catches our attention. I didn't realize that chemistry is one of your favorite subjects.