Saturday, October 13, 2007


The thing that i always have with me no matter where i go is my PSP. i have had this little machine for almost a year now and since then it's always with me. when this devise came out i really was not in to it but after some research i found that it is very user friendly and lets you run your own programs. so i bought one. This is a very useful device even if you don't use it for games like me (well not really i only have one or two games) you can use radio programs, spreadsheets, you can use the internet and even use DOS( this is a old operating system used for programing and came before windows) and run old versions of windows. this thing is an MP3 player too so if your in the go you can even listen to your own tunes, which is pretty cool. it is also a movie player so you can watch movies too

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Denise said...

This looks pretty fancy. By the way, who is this (KLX5)?