Friday, October 19, 2007

Accounting Book

This is my accounting book. The picture of hard cover is earth, star, money and number. The author team is "Warren", "Reeve"and "Fess". This book combines Financial & Managerial Accounting. This book has 1105 pages and the appendices have 90pages, so this book is very very heavy. This book has twenty-six chapters and six appendices. Chapter 1 to 15 are financial accounting. Chapter 16 to 26 are managerial accounting. Every chapter has teven main points. First is objectives after studying every chapter. The contents of chapter have many color graphs, tables and pictures that are helpful to illustrate and understand. The key points and illustrative problem is to help understanding and to give a example solution for the exercise. The last is exercise that include questions, exercises and problems series A/B. This three parts have lots of homeworks, but teacher just selects part important homeworks to hand in exercises before test.
This book is
required subjects for majoring business student. l learned financial accounting at last term so I continue to study managerial accounting at this term. I am interested accounting, but this book is hard to me. First, I have lots of glossary to remember every chapter. And then, I must understand some numbers where and how they calculate. After, how I solve the solution is important for all the exercises that I understand contents of this chapter. This book let me know how to count the revenue, cost and profit for company and how to manage the operations and develop overall business. This book is very helpful to me for my work.

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Denise said...

I've never had an accounting book so I believe I would find your textbook very difficult. You did a good job of explaining the different sections and chapters of your book.