Sunday, October 21, 2007

Social Science-Through The Eyes Of Social Science

On this semester I took the Social Science 101.This course require two textbooks, but I prefer this one- Through THE Eyes OF Social Science. Compare to another textbook, the composing of this book is much more clear and easier to catch the main idea. This thick book totally have 645 pages and mainly divided into 14 parts, each part also dividing into two to three chapters in average. In the back of this book is the area which called “ glossary”, this is the place that editor put many terminology to help the reader try to understand the context as soon as they can instead of checking other dictionary or data waste of the precious time .What’s more, in the end of every chapter there are some thoughtful questions make reader preview what they learn form this chapter also remind them the main point of this chapter. Besides, I think this book introducing many out-class resource such like recent special event which associated with social science or some interesting statistic figure, it sometimes really make me relax and give me a time to break and refocusing to the paragraph again.

Because teacher gave us an assignment that we will have a group presentation after midterm, so every group of our class have their own topic, of course based on the material of this book. The topic of my group is called” American Diversity and 2000 Census”. Because of the assignment I started to open this heavy social science textbook. But after I read some pages of this chapter, I found out despite of the difficult terms which I didn’t understand rest of the part is not quite hard to me. But the fact is that I still need many time to handle this ”social science” course. To me I think that even in my native language, social science is not a easy task too.

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Denise said...

This book can be quite difficult to read, especially because of the vocabulary. Use the glossary to help you, and try to at least get the main ideas of each section.