Monday, October 8, 2007


Keys are the most important object for me, I bring keys everyday, and I can't forget it one day. So I think that I hold keys is the most in my life.
No one doesn't have a key, everyone brings keys everyday. Keys can safe your important things: money, house, cars, your life...whatever you want. If you lost your keys, it means your important things are not safety. So you must need to take care your keys and make sure you can't lost it anytime and carefully to keep it in your life forever.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with you. The cedit card could be a very important thing overall in a emergency situation.

Martha Rubio

Anonymous said...

Sorry leo, I confused your post with another one, but I can say that keys can be a very important thing becuase it means safety.

*Patricia* said...

I had lost my keys once at the mall, i was by myself and i did not have a cell phone with me, luckily a had a spare key in the car, that happened like a year ago

*Juan Carlos* said...

That's true.
But thanks God, this year I don't have to bring keys with me. The main door in my house has a code that all of us know, so we don't need keys. But I have to recognize that keys has always driven crazy, because I lost them many times, and I leave them everywhere.

Denise said...

At school I have to hook my keys to my belt or I'd lose them every 5 minutes!

Anonymous said...

What's going on with keys!!!!
Every single minute people keep loosing them.