Monday, October 22, 2007

As you can see, this book called “100 simple secrets of successful people”, I read this book when I was studying ESL level 5 at Wright College. This book, I think, It is a very important because this show us how to become better humans beings; moreover, it is book that can be used to answer almost all your personal questions approaching you to the best logical answer possible. This book also gives us tools to be successful persons in everything that we do, or are trying to do, With themes like “Creativity comes from within,” “Competence Starts with a feeling competent,” “It is never Just One Thing,” and “Winners are Made, Not Born,” are a clear example of what this book is related about and overall which topics are going to be explained forward.
My reaction to this book was very gratifying, because I learned a variety of keys that are being useful in my personal life. This book also taught me how to affront the variety of difficult situation that a human being, later than soon, can affront in a determined situation in the life. Life is made of good and bad moments that can be memorable for us, but the big deal or the key to become to be a successful person in life is to learn to overcome them in a logical way, with measure and overall with wisdom, that it is the most important thing.
I really recommend this book, because each theme has no longer explanation and comes with a short explanation in the bottom of each page, so it is not really boring to read it; each topic it is going to take like 5 or ten minutes to read, but the most important thing is to apply to our life what we have learned, and the best way to do it, it is putting in practice in our job, or whenever you think that it is necessary to do it.

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Denise said...

I've read this book, and I like it. It does have very helpful themes. It's interesting that you used this book in one of your ESL classes.