Saturday, October 20, 2007

Microsoft Office 2003

As you can see, this book Microsoft Office 2003 is from my last semester. It's a heavy book. It includes many useful softwares, like Word, Access, Excel,FrontPage, and Powerpoint, which are very necessary for people who are working in office. I am interested in computers, so I chose this class. The vocabularies in this book are difficult for me, but there are a lot of pictures that show me how to do step by step. Sam is a program comes with this book. We can set up an acount and password, so we can do some practises.

I love this book. I have learned how to give a presentation by using Powerpoint and how to use Word to type assignments in a easy way. I really enjoyed learning from this Microsoft Office 2003, the book which will always be useful in the rest of my life.

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Denise said...

I can see how this would be a very useful book. I like that it has a lot of pictures to show you how to do something.