Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Eyeglass

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I will keep my eyeglasses until death. This eyeglass was a gift from my youngest maternal uncle since I went back to China last year. I might change my eyeglasses by time goes on. However, I will not throw this pair of eyeglasses away. Last year, I went back to China with my old and had little defective eyeglasses. The following week, my youngest uncle took me to an eyeglasses store for chosen another pair of eyeglasses. I hadn’t nearsightedness before I came to the United States. My first pair eyeglasses were free eyeglasses because school had a medical care for eyeglasses. Nevertheless, none of my relatives or my friends would give me a present of eyeglasses. Maybe you will ask why does this eyeglasses are so important for me. This pair of eyeglasses is so important for me because this was my first gift in my twenty year’s life. I haven’t received any presents in my past twenty years. That’s why I will keep my eyeglasses until death.

1 comment:

Denise said...

Really? You only present in 20 years? No wonder they are so important to you.