Saturday, October 13, 2007

Gift from my uncle

These bangles are very precious for me because they are my wedding bangles. The day before my wedding, on my bridle shower, I had to wear my wedding bangles, which I was dreaming to wear. In my language these bangles are called chura, which are only given by the uncle (mother's brother) to the bride. I had these bangles since 2004. My mom's brother gave me the money to buy the bangles instead of giving me the actual bangles, so I can buy them by my choice. These bangles are, as you can see, in dark maroon, and cream color. They are made of plastic. These bangles are round in shape, about two inches diameter, and one fourth of a centimeter in width. Each pair has thirty-seven bangles, twenty-eight maroon, and nine in cream color. Each cream color bangle has white stones, resembling diamonds. I wore them after my wedding for one year. Since that day I kept them with me, and brought them here to America. One day I will show these to my children. You only wear these bangles once in a lifetime, and I will keep them with me forever.

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