Sunday, October 21, 2007

Class blog 2

This book is for my accounting course book. It is the thickest book that I have. Of course I couldn't look on every single word or every line. So, I used the strategies form my reading textbook reconnaissance. First of all, I look at all the chapters and then scan headlines, look at the charts, pictures, diagrams. Second of all, I know what I want to know and what materials I need before I read. Third, make some qustions from an assignment before begin reading. Also, underline the unknow words and highlight the main ideal or important section can save lots of time for reviewnig or to study for the tests. Normally,I try to spent half hour to read every day, most of time I would like to read news paper because I can find out the local news and what is going on in the city. After I went back to school I had changed my suject to read because I have to read my textbooks in order to get a better grad on my course. It is worthy on what I read because those textbooks are very useful to me and I can learn lot of knowleges form them.

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Denise said...

You seem to have very good stratgies in place while you are reading. If you start with your materials and what you want to know, it will help you as you read.