Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Computer + computer games

In my life, computer games and computer happened to be one of the important things to me. Why am I putting two objects together while the assignment only required to talk about only one object? Because computer games and computer are strongly related. It is really obvious that computer games can only play in computers. I started to play computer game when I was 7 years old. A lot of parents might have an opinion that computer games were only something that will affect students' grades in school and waste of time. However, to me, it was a good way to learn things. Since I was little, I learned a lot of histories, fairy tales, and vocabularies from playing games like Age of Empire, Lineage, and Maple Story. (Both Chinese and English vocabularies) Some of these knowledges you will never learn in school. That's why I considered that computer games are important to me, they gave me chances to learn something extra. Computer, not only a machine for playing computer games, but also a machine that helped me a lot on education, such as online researches, typing essays, and a lots more. There were also things like Ipod, camera, and cellphone that were importan, but not as importan as computer and computer games. :)


KLX5 said...

WOW a chick that plays video games, i never though that i would ever meet a girl who plays video games. not really i too play video games i have been playing since i was five or something

Denise said...

Qi -- you were quite persuasive about how you can learn things from gaming. Most of what I hear is quite negative -- about violence and children, but if you started and you were 7 and are still "normal" maybe it's not so bad!