Sunday, October 21, 2007

Art appreciation

This is my art book for my art appreciation class. The name of this book is Livign with art and is so so heavy. It has approximately 600 pages, this book is practically about art history and appreciation (duh) theres alot of pictures of paintings and sculptures, also theres mini biography of some artists. This book has 22 chapter, first we have an introduction of what is art, then we have visual elements, different types of media, art in time, art from different cultures, etc.
I enjoy reading books about art, i like to discover new artist and study famous artwork, looking up for the smallest details or trying to find what the artist wants to communicate thru their artwork. Personally this book is interesting but its way to big and heavy, i get bored easily whenever I am reading it while doing homework, its not hard but theres some words that i dont understand.

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Denise said...

That's a pretty long book (600 pages!). I'm glad you find it interesting even though the book is so heavy.