Friday, November 9, 2007

When we talk about a good learning environment we have to mention many things. In our days one of the things that come to our minds right away when we mention learning environment is technology, yeah !!! computers, projectors, Internet, in short words high technology. All of this is what we thought because we are getting involve a technology era, where everything is control by the technology and the things that it offers us, and that in not bad, but sometime we forget the most important thing that is people, most of the time we put people away when talk about learning environment, and also we forget that everything that we can get to improve that learning is in order to help people and their learning process. As you can in the picture that I put at the top, that is a room full of technology with all the things that we considered important in a classroom, but also you can notice that is empty there is no one in that room just computer. I am not trying to say that technology is not important, I just want to say that it is not the most important. In the next picture you see a classroom full of people, smiling and pay attention, they look happy even though in that room they do not have much technology, and that is what really matter in a learning environment, the happiness of people at the moment to learn, that happiness that allowed them to learn and study with more passion.
All the things that we can get to help improve the learning environment have to be in order of give that happiness and invite people to learn and study. That all that we need, no matter how much technology a room has, but if the teacher is not good enough to guide students in their learning process, that will be a waste of money and time.

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Denise said...

LOVE your post! People seem to get on the technology bandwagon and think it's great no matter what. But what is technology with no one there? It's just an empty room. What if there is a teacher there with no passion or motivation? Then you have bored students. Thanks for your thoughtful posting. Can I share this with others?