Sunday, November 18, 2007

Last Blog

I enjoyed writing both personal and class blogs eventhough I am not good in computers and typing. Writing on the blogger helped me to think about my writing and grammar as well. It has also helped to expand my ideas without doing much brain storming. As I said I am not on good in typing and I prefer to write with my hand and turn in my assingments to my teachers. However, writing on the blogger forced me to practice my typing. In fact, I made some progress. In addition, I love to see Denise's comments and corrections on my paper. It also gives you an opportunity to see and read your classmates opinions and ideas and give your feedback. Besides posting pictures on the blogger helps you to be more specific about what you are writing. In my opinion it is very helpful to continue writing on the blogger. I know for sure the more I write the better I will become on my writing and typing as well.

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Denise said...

I know that it was hard for you with having to type. There are some programs you can follow to improve your skills. No matter what, you did improve over the course of the semester.