Friday, November 9, 2007

Blog 3

Environment in which we are can help or demolish our studying. Many years ago, people didn’t have “helpers”, like computers, projectors, or even calculators. I remember my Dad’s huge abacus, which he used when he was at school. The World is changing and improving so fast , people are trying to make everything, especially studying easy. There are many advantages of online courses, but still most of people are choosing regular, in-class learning. It has a lot of pluses, which we can’t find during studying at home by ourselves.

First of all, we all know that one of the easiest way to study is by giving and receiving examples, and there is no other, better place than classroom , that we can hear so many different opinions. Students, by expressing, and sharing theirs ideas give others different way of thinking, and looking at various problems.

Nowadays, teachers are more open to students, than 30-40 years ago. There is no more punishment by hitting by ruler or standing in the corner, instead teachers listen what theirs student want to say, what they don’t understand, and explain it even many times.

Learning in the classroom, instead of online has one, vital advantage. We have to be responsible and come to class, be prepared, and there is less distraction, like TV, phones, and diverse websites, which grabs our attention. Classrooms become smaller and smaller. It’s better for students in a less-people-class to take out information, and for teacher to have enough time for each learner. When I was studying in Poland, I had few classes - lectures with another 150 people. I don’t think that anybody really knew after that lessons, what it was really about. It was too many people, one person comes, one lives, one open the chocolate bar, one drop the pen on the floor. It was too many things going on in the classroom to really pay attention on important things.

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Denise said...

Thanks for you thoughtful, organized response. I had a few classes in college like you did in Poland -- auditoriums with 150 students. It was weird, and there was absolutely no personal student-teacher interaction. I agree that examples are the best ways to learn.