Sunday, November 11, 2007

Classroom Learning Environment

By the time goes on, the IT (Information Technology) is improving every day. From no computers in a classroom to every student has a laptop in front of their faces. There are no computers in the classroom in China of my school years, not even one. The classroom with computers (studio classroom) might be helpful for students. Students can do some searching and doing some in-class assignments through computers in class. Another good thing of studio classroom is teacher can use a projector instead of a blackboard to do the agendas of classes. It can save times, and students can visualize of their learning. The studio classroom can make teachers and students easier to teach and learn.

Learning environment, it can be have many kinds, depends on people’s thought. What can be make you feel comfortable for studying is the environment of you need. It can be very simple. When I was in China, we just have wooden tables and chairs. Just like this picture. After the rich man in hometown donated some money to build another educational building, we got the wooden tables and chairs. Nothing was change except the building. There were no any technology things in school. In the United States, we have a studio classroom and a computer lab for students doing their in-class and homework assignments. The learning environment will change any day, any minute, any second.

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Denise said...

It is different culturaly what is possible. When I taught in Botswana some of the classrooms were "open air" -- just outdoors under a tree with some benches to sit on. No electricty, so definitely no computers.