Sunday, November 11, 2007

high tech and old stlye learning

I positively like to have technology and old style leaning at the same time in classroom. Computers, caculators, and slide shows are good examples that help us to learn effectively. The more doing active learning, the more we can get lots of knowledge from good technology.
First, I wnat to talk about calculator. Calculators have merits that can do calculate quickly and easily, but there are defects. When I was in high school, I had never used calculators. I did all by hand. It was complicated to adfust to a formula and calculate. However, when I had thoughts that I had to use just my hand, I tried to understand at least how this formula came from with using calculator, it's esay to overlook those things. Whatever reasons, the most important thing is that have behavior to learn being active learner.
Highlights and notebooks are very good features when we learn. It looks little, but it helps us to recognize of books what they are talking about easily. I have been thinking that. It's good thing there is a few color of pens in the U.S.A. When I was in high school, there were lots of stationery around my school and they had a lot of pens. It made me complicates to decide. I like here that there are a few stationery products that help us to learn.
Computers, calculators, and stationery products help us to learn effectively. I am positively believe that technoloy and old style learning is very effective when we are being learners.

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Denise said...

Thanks for showing the tools that help you most effectively with your classes. I personally love highlighters and have tons of them!