Friday, November 9, 2007

What makes an Effective Classroom Learning Environment?

I believe a class environment would be effective if student’s emotion was switched between tension and delight. Tension helps me to highly concentrate on my study; delight could reduce the tiredness and promote the enthusiasm of study.

When I was under a tensional environment I have to focus my mind on what is happening. I push myself instantly figure out what the problem is and find out the solution of the problem as soon as I can. This action has no doubt is an effective movement.

Delight is necessary for a class environment because people can not continually concentrate for couple hours. When students leave their attention from the class occasionally, a discussing or a little funny question may get their attention again. Delight could as well as promote students’ enthusiasm of study. Because people is easy inspired by what they interested.


Denise said...

What a great combination of emotions -- tension and delight! It's enough to make you happy, but also you make you work hard.

classroom said...

Students concentrate in their studies when they get a tensional and delightful environment. Tension helps students to finish their work fast and delight keeps them relaxed and enthusiastic. Students get rid of their tiredness when they do something they wish. As a consequence, a good learning atmosphere is created. A great website explains how a good learning environment can be made. learning environment