Sunday, November 18, 2007


Time really goes fast. I can't beileve that I did the assignments that I got every classes. I am so proud of myself. Whatever result's are waiting for me in the future after exit exam, I was glad to be in this class. So far, when I tried to collect all of my essay and journals, it's even hard to count how many papers I have. I did a lot. It is really helpful to improve my writing and about myself as well. I felt a little bit confused sometimes because most of my essay and journals were typed. I used to write by hand. It happend that while I was writing by typing, I forgot what next what I was going to type, but it was getting better. Actually, I am still struggling with think about typing and next story what I am going to write about. Anyway, I liked to do my blog with pictures. I liked it a lot. Some class mates posted art works up to blog. I enjoyed the time I was doing my blog and read others. Even though I struggled with many different kinds of homework like others, I beileve that I've improved since I was in this course. I love it. ^^

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Denise said...

A-ra, you definitely improved during this semester. I enjoyed reading your blogs, and I'm glad to hear that you liked reading and writing them as well.