Saturday, November 10, 2007

Class Blog #3

What makes an Effective Classroom Learning Environment? In fact, the environment for students learning is very essential, and it is effects on students studies. beyond the basics, students will need 21st century competencies to survive and thrive in the future.They will have to know how to think critically, apply knowledge to new situations, analyze information, understand new ideals, communication effectively, collaborate, solve problems, and make decisions. For all those reasons, school districts should to look for ways to help students acquire these new skill while students learning in classroom.
First, school should provides computers in every classroom. Today, technology makes our lifes easier, and it has always kept us update with technics and provided uesful links for students to learn, and down their assignments easier. Also, students can find out lot of new information through computers, and they can understand new ideals with new trans. Moreover, students will acquire lot of computer's skills while they are learning in classroom from their instrctors. However,students who studied in the last decade not as fortune as 21st students because technology not as popular as now.
Second, teachers should educate students with useful resources and cretive tools. Teachers are the most important roles in the classroom for students learning, their effective input, method of teaching, ideals, and the latest resources are essential effective on students learning. Also, teachers should create an interesting environment for students learning and make them have more motavition to come to the classroom every time.
As a consequence, an effective enviornment for students learning reflect on students studies. Generally, students will need to study hard to succeed on their education in order to survive in the 21st century. However, an effective environment for students learning will make they learning easier and easily for them to complete. So, I think school should provide the best environment for students learning.

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Denise said...

Is that a photo of your son at school? I love it! :-) I like what you wrote about teacher responsibility to provide good learning opportunities.