Saturday, November 10, 2007

Of course Computer is the Rule

What makes a classroom better? People used to study in a classroom with umcomfortable chairs and desks, and teachers wrote much information on the blackboard and rased wasting a lot of time. Since technology has been helping education, now we have computers, internet, and overprojectors in the classrooms, so students can learn in an easy and convenient way.
First, computers can note everything what the teachers teach in the classroom and save it conveniently. Students don't have to do paper works and easily lose them. Secondly, students can search imformation or do activities online by using the internet. Finally, overprojectors can project information on the board, so it save a lot of time to write.
As you can see, those are very helpful and make a classroom better for both students and teachers. The world has changed. We can say goodbye to the old school equipments and study more comfortablely.

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Denise said...

Computers really are more the norm, aren't they? I hope HWC will build more studio classrooms like ours.