Sunday, November 18, 2007

Class blog

I think I am not a good blog writer whichever in English or Chinese. I have ever had a personal blog that was written in Chinese. What on that blog are just some pictures that I want to share with my families and friends. Writing a blog in English is my first time to treat a blog so seriously. Writing short essays for the blog makes me open my mind and review my life. I found so many funny things from the past, and I can share those funny things with others through the blog. It is really a meaningful thing to keep going.

I know my English writing has to be improved on and on. I still have some problems such as limited vocabulary, grammar errors and etc. Thank Denise for encouraging me continually and thank all my classmates for their patient on my poor expression when reading my blog. I think I will keep working on my personal blog even this class is end.

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Denise said...

Ying, I know that a lot of things we did in class were the first time for you, but you did great. I do hope you will keep up writing on a blog if you like it so much.