Thursday, November 15, 2007


This is the first time I creat a new blogger. Before I hear my friend siad that they also have a blog. In my opinion, I think blog just like a diary book. We can use it to write what happen for that day , but this blog has a little different from the personal blog. personal blog that we can write something personal, we don't want somebody know. I am very interested to write something in the blog. Before we write a jounal byhand, when we use the blog instead hand wirte, I like to use the blog write a jounal now. when we use blog we can add a picture on there, but hand write we can't. The picture can explain the main idea of that jounal.
I think I like to use blog more and more because it can help me know a lot. Before I didn't know how to use it , but I can use very well now. when I use blog, my writing is improve a lot becuase when we write on the blog, we need to add a pictutre on there. The picture can give me a lot of inspiration, I can use the picture to write a longer essay. I would like to use blog, and I will recommend everyone use it.

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Denise said...

I'm glad that you got more comfortable with blogging and writing while the semester was going on. My favorite thing about blogs is also to be able to see the pictures that go along with the writing.