Saturday, November 17, 2007


I am a little sad because unfortunate this is my last blog and class. I also think that having Denise as a teacher is great because she really cares about her students and tries to help them or us at any time. I will probably miss that because their is a few teachers that enjoys teaching. The blog help me to care a little more about my writing and also by seeing some examples of my classmates. i think that my writing is a lot better and i know that i still commit a lot of other mistakes because sometimes i am not paying attention at what I'm doing but i will make an effort to improve my writing. I think that as a whole class we did a great job working together and i think that Denise is happy of having us in her class. Well, i think that i will keep hand writing on my own for practice and i think that sometimes that helps because you can also take out all your frustrations, struggles, anger, love (maybe), stress and disappointments, etc.

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Denise said...

You are right -- this is one of the best classes I've taught. Everyone works together well, is open to learning new things, and FUN! I hope that you will keep writing either in a journal or blog because it really can be a stress relief.