Sunday, November 11, 2007

High Tech Class

In my parents time there was not any technology. There was only a simple class with a noisy fan, wooden table, chairs and a big black board. If I think about an old style classroom, that was boring. In my own experience, last year I was in an English class and my teachers teaching style was very old and she had to write everything on the board and she wet the chalk before she wrote. Maybe she was allergic to chalk. Also, there was no computer, and no projectors. During the class some students even murmur to each other. It is very hard for students to just sit in a class and listen to a teacher, which was sometimes very hard to concentrate for an hour or more, which makes them sleepy. I read somewhere that a normal human mind cannot focus more then an hour, unless there are diverse activities to wake you up.

However, these days technology is magic. That makes classroom learning more effective alternative procedures help students to focus on studying. A classroom should have new computers with internet, projectors, and even show movie clips related to study. In addition, should have comfortable chairs, a wide table with laptop, and enough room for all students to move around easily. It is more effective to learn by doing alternative activities, watching, listening, researching, sharing and creating.

Finally, a class environment is more effective if there is new technology to present different assignments furthermore teacher and students both will enjoy the class.

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Denise said...

I like how you said technology is "magic." I feel it really can be magic if used in the right way to help students learn better.