Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Making the blogs up

As this as my class blog, I would like to say that this activity was very interesting for me. I have learned so many things such as how to come up with very good ideas in very short time. The differences between writing down the blogs and doing through the computer were minimum. The main difference is that with the class blog you can share it with your classmates in a didactical way, while if you turn in it in paper it can't be possible.
Definitely, writing blogs is one of the activities that I am going to do very often. When you start writing out whatever thing comes to your mind, you can noticed that your brain contains many useful information that can be used at the time your essays; moreover, this is a very good way to make wide your vocabulary and overall to improve your spelling and grammar issues.

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Denise said...

Martha, I'm really glad that you enjoyed writing the blogs, and that you will continue doing them. They are a good way to connect with family and friends far away because you can also include photos.