Friday, November 9, 2007

Throught the ages, the humans being have had the opportunuty of experiment different kinds of classrooms with differents environments. In my dad's ages, the classrooms were not so effective like now are. By that time, classsrooms didn't have much tecnology such as computers, projectors, even our ancestors didn't know what a computer was. Nowadays, We can see how the way of teaching and to get the information has completely changed. The technology has allowed the student to explore another ways to learn such as an important tools as the internet.
For me an effective classroom should have three important features: Computers with connection to the internet, retroprojectors, and a classroom cleaned totally up.
Conection to the Internet allows the students to get extra information from different resources.
One clear example of this could be when you have to get information to do a determined assignment. Sometimes, It is due the same before the class ends, so you don not have time to go to the library to make the research. For this case, it is neccesary to have internet in the classroom.
Another example could be when the teacher needs to explain a topic or needs simply to give us the information in a quick way. For this reason, it is neccesary the internet because it allows the teacher to explain the information in a short time.
In addition,The retroprojectors are a very good feature that help the student to learn in a effective way. with this tool the teacher can give us understanding about what she want to focus in a general way. A very good example for this is when the teacher wants to explain a common mistake into the classroom. For this he or she needs to point out where the mistake is. So a retroprojector allows her to explain that step by step to the undestanding from the whole class.
Last, the environment in which the students are should be a cleaned area up totally. The worst thing that a student can experinment is a duty classroom. A duty classroom makes an environment looks heavy, therefore it doesn't encourage students to learn. Because of that, the classroom should be broomed, and overall aconditionated with all the neccesary tools. For example, white board, markers, and so on.
On the other hand, I want to share wit yours my experience when I was a HS student in Colombia. The classrooms weren't the best ones. One reason is that the classroom didn't have technology at all. The computers didn't have access to the internet, and we just could use the computers while we were in a class called "System class." Another things was that the classroms had a lot students. The average 42 students approximately per classrom, so for me was very difficult to catch up everything at once time. The teacher didn't have access to tools such as retroprojectors and anything like that. Everithing was expalined by them in the chalk board.
Finally, in summing this up, I can say that an effective environment is one in which there are all the neccesary tools to make understable a class to the student. This means, the classroom should have computers with connection to the internet, retroprojectores and overall with a very cleaned area. With this in mind, the classroom could become one of the best places to study and have fun.

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Denise said...

Thanks for you thorough and complete posting. I was very interested to read about the types of classes you had in Colombia. We are spoiled here by the technology that we can use to help us to learn.