Sunday, November 11, 2007

Effective Classroom

The classroom environment is very important to teachers and students as well. It is very helpful to students if there is a group discussions on a regural basic. I say this because in a group discussion you can exchange ideas and learn from one onother. In a classroom you can have students from different background. For example, in my social studies we had an interesting group discussions about political, social situations in different countries. I enjoyed this class and it was an effective learning evironment.
Another effective learing environment is to have an appropriate and safe larning place. In order to learn well the school has to be clean, comfortable, well-lit. If the place is not clean, students and teachers can not feel comfortable to learn and to teach. In addition, school must be safe for everybody in order to make an effective learning envirnment. For example, I feel very comfotable and safe to learn in Harold Washington College. The college is beatiful, clean and is located very close to the train station. Nowadays we hear a lot of shootings in schools and colleges and studenst and teachers get hurt and that one does not create an effective learing environment.

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Denise said...

You mentioned something that no one else did -- safety. You are right, how can students learn if they don't feel secure? I'm glad that HWC is a place where students do feel safe.