Monday, November 12, 2007

What make an effective learning classroom environment is, first of all, school uniform.

It makes student to have a pride of their school, and if the students are satisfied with their school uniform, they want to learn in the school and have high motivation. School uniform is not just a uniform, this is a very effective staff that can be a one of school environment. Although the school uniform can be very expensive, for example, my high school uniform costs almost 200$, but without school uniform, you may spend more time and money to have good looking clothes.

The school uniform looks smaller thing than having computer in the class and so on, but it is also an important thing for students.

My high school was a public high school. My high school has a very famous supecial class for high level study in my city even it is public school. I wanted to enter the special class, but I had transfered from korean high school when I was the second grade, so I could not take the special class. If you are in that class, you have a oppotunity to enter good universities in west side of Japan. Japanese high schools have a many different level. The differenses are very wide and big, and it is very important to enter high level high school for a future decidion. Students do great effort to enter high school.

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Denise said...

It is interesting that you mentioned school uniforms. In the U.S. they are not required in public schools, but more and more schools have decided to have students wear them anyway. The ones in your picture are very cute.