Monday, November 19, 2007


Everything has it's ending, and this class will not be an exception. This is the fourth week from the end, and this blog will be the final blog. In fact, I am not a type of person who would write journals or blog once a week or once a month. So, this blogging did not bring any pleasurable time. However, compare to the handwritten or type and turn in journals, I like blogging better because I don't have to worry about any printing problems like out of ink, out of paper, or the printer broke down suddenly. This blogging is so easy to use, and it has almost everything that Microsoft word has. I meant the really common funtions that we need for journals entries. Evern though I hate writing journals or blogs, this types of activities really helped me a lot in my writing. This helped me to practice my writing speed and critical thinking skill. So, everytime when I write my essay, I spend less time to plan and organize my essay and have more time for checking grammar errors and any other mistakes. I don't know if I improved or not, and I think Denise is the person who knows everything in our writing, both strength and weakness, and improvement, am I right? :-) I hope to have all of you guys in class for the next semester, not ESL class, of course. For Denise, I hope to see you around in school, but definitely not in your ESL classes. Well, I hope so. Farewell, buddies!!

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Denise said...

Qi, well like you, I like blogging because I don't have to deal with paper and pen. Do you know how heavy my bags were when I had to carry around everyone's journal?! I hope to see you around next semester even when you are not in ESL! :-)