Sunday, November 18, 2007

Last blog

Last online journal! this semester is almost done. I like posting my journals online because it was easier than printing them out in the morning, since my printer was out of ink, and i was too lazy to buy a new one, i had to get up early in the morning and print my journals. Posting online made things easier for me, and i enjoyed it. Since im always in the computer, all i had to do was to sign in on the blog, write my journal , post it, and thats it. Writing by hand was more complicated for me, i like typing way better.
Including images along with the writing was alot better than reading a white typed paper, the pictures also made the journals look more neat and nice. Pictures helped me as an inspiration too, they say a picture worth a thousand word, and that true. The image i chose for this last blog has nothing to do with the topic, but i found it and i thought its was really cute.

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Denise said...

The picture you chose is cute. :-) Blogging is good for teachers too -- we don't have to worry about carrying around all of your printouts. I think the benefits of having images too make blogs great.