Sunday, November 11, 2007


What makes an effective classroom learning? i think students are more motivate if the classroom are clen and neat, i mean no one would like to study in a bad enviroment. I have attended to schools where there were pieces of paper, candy wrapers, etc all over the floor, and trust me is not something you want to experince.
Second, to make an effective classroom work, the teachers and students have to interact constantly. I used to have teachers that would just enter to the classroom and just ask for homework, and then they just assigned some classwork. I believe that teachers who gets involve with students, helps them to trust the teachers better and also it is easier to encourage the students.
Other thing that i think that makes an effective classroom is to have projectors, a printer, computers, etc. In that way, its easier for students to get more involve. I believe that most of the students would rather type an essay than handwrite it, and having a printer in the classroom makes it even easier.

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Denise said...

I especially liked your comment about teacher involvement. Some teachers go a whole semester and never learn the names of the students in their class. Imagine that!