Friday, November 16, 2007

Last blog

I feel kind of sad that the class is almost over, last blog, last essay, last, last. I didn’t use blog before the class, so I hadn’t known how it is the write my reflections in the Internet. I still prefer handwriting journals. I wrote only few journals by hand by I think they were the best; I was laing in my bad, and just writing without stopping. I liked to write it on the computer and hand in, because I liked to see comments by Denise, smiley faces, and so on. What I liked about blog was that I could see different opinions, and points of view people from class. Everybody has personal experience, so everybody’s blog was different. I liked that we could attach photos to our blog, because it made it more interesting, easier to look at it, that just plain text, and explain visually what we were talking about.

I think that journals were very helpful, it was a good idea. By now, we have written more then 20 pages, beside our essays. I don’t know how much grammar mistakes I made in it, but it helped just write without thinking how to tell this or explain that. “Would you like more (journals) or less?” Less! Less homework!! NO, joking :) The amount of journals was right, not too much, but not only one a week to not even feel that we are in reading/writing class.
About improvement Denise should know the best. We can say that our writing improved, but still have bunch of mistakes.

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Denise said...

Of course your writing has improved! It's difficult to reach the point of no mistakes, but keep on trying. I definitely enjoyed reading everyone's blogs because of being able to see photos. I'm glad you liked reading everyone's opinions as well.