Thursday, November 8, 2007

learning environment

what is a good learningenvironment? I think different people have different requirement.some people think that they only spend a few hours on the classroom, they don't care the classroom's environment,but some people think if the learning environment is not effective, they can't have a good fettle to study.
Like before I take the class, sometimes I felt born because I only can sit over there and listen. The teacher only talk by herself, sometimes students are not focus on the class. somoetimes they bugout, maybe they look outside, or they do something by theirselves. This kind of classroom is not a effective learning environment now. If they want the school have a good study environment,they need to update the system.
I think a effective learning environment should have computer on the classroom. Nowadaya, teacher is not only talk during the class, they need to have more activity to make students interesting the class. If have computer on classroom for every student, teacher can use the computer to prelection. If have computer they don't need to write a lot of information on the board, and everything can show on the computer. I think the students will feel more interested when they are in class.
A effective learning environment can influence students' study, so have a good study environment is very important.

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Denise said...

I can tell how much you enjoy using computers in a classroom. I hope that HWC builds more studio classrooms.