Monday, November 12, 2007

Effective Classroom Learning Environment

Learning in classroom should provide the highest level of comfort and enjoyment of studying. Like we know each class is pretty much the same, benches, boards, boring appearances. However, there are sometimes classrooms which provide many good features for studying students there.
For example let’s take our classroom in Harold Washington. The classroom is rather small, but the set up of the classroom is rather great. The entire classroom has computers, meaning each desk has its own laptop. That is a good idea that school made such set up for students. This classroom provides full excess to the internet to the Microsoft Excel, and the most important each computer is connected with the main computer which is possessed by the teacher. Learning in that kind of classroom is more effective that in the other classrooms without computers. Students in our classroom are able to do most the activities on the computers, writing essays or just checking the grammar assignments. Thanks to that kind of classroom we are able to learn faster, and more effectively.
Also, the school did a good job with surround system in our classroom. Every time when teacher wants to introduce something related with hearing assignments, we all are able to hear it clearly without any disconnections or troubles in playing specific assignments. We all should be pleased that we were assigned to that classroom.

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Denise said...

I think we are all really lucky to be in the studio classroom this semester. We don't have to worry about set-up because everything is already organized in groups. Also, I do agree that the surround sysem is fabulous.