Monday, November 12, 2007

What makes an Effective Classroom Learning Environment?

The education is really important thing to every body’s life. Everyone wants to learn something from every minute they are spending. So to help for that the education center is really important.

To me my school and library is really important. The every library should have every source about thinks around the world. Especially my school library is really helpful to me. Every time when I inter I always find something that I was looking for. I can use internet, books and video tapes. If I need copy of something I use copy machine.

The library has everything thing that use for education. So it is really FAST and EASY.

So I like to study at my school because when I see around I feel like ready to invent new things. I always see student that want to learn and learn. When I see my helpful teachers I always thank for them for teaching interesting things. When I see books around me I wanted to read every single of them. So the around the thinks are really effect to me to learn. If I see angry teachers and book that I already read that would be not so helpful to me. So the classroom, library and school’s environment is really important to every student.

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Denise said...

I'm glad you mentioned the library because it is a great resource and place that all students should take advantage of.